I decided to erect a personal page a few months ago when a nasty, slow-thinking Wikipedia editor went after my page with a bias that reminded me of George Wallace. He stripped away material that had been there 15 years, saying it wasn’t relevant. In fact he believed I didn’t belong on Wikipedia if I hadn’t so far appeared on TV, played in a fly-by-night 3-chord pop band, showed my tits to the world (although I’m perfectly willing), killed someone, or done some similar thing. Clearly he/she felt that being reputed only within the world of science was insufficient given their lofty standards. In other words, if you sacrifice money and fame in favor of improving the world, and even if you do it well–Wikipedia just isn’t interested. Or at least our reviewer, Theroadislong, isn’t interested. Thus one of the greatest creations of modern times is evolving towards American Idol.

Anyway this website contains things like manuscripts, science and mathematical discussions, a little self-congratulation, and a lot of truthful accounts of important things that happened in a community of people called computational neuroscientists.